Lost connections


We sat in the lecture venue during lunch, all five of us. An hour had passed and none of us said a word to each other. This startled me, an entire hour and not a single word had passed between any of us. It was then that it occurred to me, everyone was absorbed in their electronic devices – tablets, laptops and cellphones, paying more attention to people on the other side of their screens.

We caged ourselves unconsciously in that building to satisfy our desire to stay connected to a pseudo world that does not know of our existence until we log or check in. We have forgotten how to disconnect from this world. The real world sits outside, waiting for us to enjoy all that is has to offer – sit on the grass and talk shit with friends. Where have those days gone? Instead, we scatter to buildings in search of the best Wi-Fi signal. Digital connections have silently overthrown the human experience


The candle burns


The candle burns away, I prepared dinner, something romantic, just the two of us. You called to say that you’re working late again. I watch it as it burns, the single flame dances side to side in the black pupil stage of my brown eyes. The candle shrinks into nothing but hard white wax which I’ll have to scrape off in the morning. The 40% spirit whiskey I just downed could not even lift my spirits. I fell backwards onto the bed, weightless as the mattress cushioned my fall. I remember when you cushioned my falls. You’ll most likely sneak in and try not to wake me, I appreciate that. See you first thing in the morning

Traffic lights


If I had enough money, I would support every traffic light business. I’d buy every bouquet of flowers he’s selling that day so that he may go home early for a change, spend some time with his family, spoil his kids instead of standing on his feet, burning in the heat only shaded by a faded cap.

My lady would tell me that I am naive in this way. It’s this naivety that makes me want to change the world – one cent, one sandwich, one smile, one fragment at a time. If you put enough fragments together, eventually it forms a whole



Cupid, if I knew the day which you pulled back hard enough on the string of your bow, I would be prepared to make sure that arrow never penetrated my heart.

I would be lying in wait, most likely put a hit out on you, no matter the cost. At least then I wouldn’t feel these feelings I feel for you