The hard choice


Drinking the pain away. Please leave, no stay or leave, inner conflict between myself and the brown poison. Fuck it. Do as you please. The view is just a blur, thats right, I’m visually impaired. My eyes creep back to the bottle, the only thing which remains clear to me. The choice was obvious i thought, alcohol was the steroid of bravado and courage, plus we’d never get into a disagreement and my glassware wouldn’t be shattered across the floor, unless i was drunk

When i looked at you, i stared down a deep black hole of despair. You came with disagreements and shattered glassware as well, but at least you gave me more reason to fill my cup as i played the role of bartender, laying my woes and troubles out on my imaginary counter. The only tab i’d had was the one i owed myself…

in the end, i chose you


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