My first piece of writing, aged 15


Kirshin walks into the hospital, looking for love. He cooly walks to the reception desk, asking the receptionist where he could find the room of love. Slowly walking down the corridor, Kirshin’s hand turns the cold doorknob. He looks into the closed eyes of love, thinking if this is the right thing to do. Kirshin pulls the pistol from his side, slowly taking aim at love’s head. His index finger tightening its grip on the trigger. The shot echoes through the hospital, a bullet through the skull of love, and KIrshin stands there contemplating what he had just done.



One thought on “My first piece of writing, aged 15

  1. Courtney Oliver

    Is this a time in the past where Kirshin forgot about the use of pronouns as Kirshin typed this into Kirshin’s computer? Courtney sits here wondering as Courtney reads Kirshin’s writing piece that Kirshin wrote at age 15.

    Though I must admit that it is a good try at third person. It is not always the easiest thing to do.


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