Toast to tears


Mother and I cried together, just as we had the same every year for the past two years. The results had come, seems I had disappointed my parents yet again. Mother questioned as to why I wasn’t passing, she then proceeded to tell me how all she wants is for me to successful. She burst out into tears, I couldn’t hold the silence any longer. For tears came streaming down my face in a hurry, to see Mother in tears only brought me to it. I had a problem, I was like her, wanting to help people and thinking about myself last. Mother had lost her job in the beginning of the year and struggled to find something since then, her struggle still continues. Wanting to help where I could, I’d stay out longer and pick up Sister or perform other tasks so that Mother may rest some more. Eventually both of us stopped crying, I cried the longest.


2 thoughts on “Toast to tears

  1. renaldo

    You have a big heart, this is a daily struggle….. Helping others makes one feel better about life but in the end you always forget about yourself. Never give up on your dream, you might just give up that publisher position 🙂 keep on dreaming and chasing your goal!


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