They say you never know what you have until it’s gone, and sometimes the worst part was not knowing when to say goodbye.
Her ass was great and glorious, big and round. My favourite part was cupping my hands underneath the cheeks and grabbing chunks of ass that were too much for my hands.
God must have locked himself inside his studio for days on end, going mad as he sculpted her ass to perfection.

Soon the jeans weren’t as tight as they used to be, they didn’t hug her ass as much as they used to. The chunks of ass became manageable. What had happened? It was a sad affair. I wanted to call the cops to tell them that my baby’s ass was missing or put up flyers, telling them to contact me once they found it. Maybe God gave it to someone who needed it more, and I hoped that they were using it for a better cause than simply sitting on it. I hoped that wherever it was, it would come back home. It broke my heart that I never got to say goodbye.


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