Free man


Every night I would go to bed and the nightmares refused to stop, playing every night in an endless loop. I would wake up a free man, but I knew that my time was over as soon as I put on the blue shirt. I returned home again, shift finished, free time to myself as time went on but caught me once again. The sound of the clock machine stuck in my head as my fingerprint identified me and gave me away to these people who kept me trapped in their zoo for degenerates.

The job drove me up the wall and had a few niceties to it, some people smiled back and weren’t trying to make your life hell. The hell raisers all came from the upper level as they sat behind white wooden rectangular door which screamed how plain their lives bad become. At times they would send their lackeys to keep us in line in case we ever veered off the course they projected for us. Whatever ambition was once had, died a slow small death with each year that passed. The Olympus flame of ambition bad only diminished within them and the retail fireman doused what was left. “I own you now” he said as he laughed away with the hose pipe in his hands, laughing like a maniac, sinister and uncontrollable.

The hell raisers wanted your soul money, to put fuel in their luxury vehicles that ate away at the earth core that would leave their future generations to suffer because of momentary greed. They wanted your Christmas day, your New Year’s day. They wanted your Christmas tree and didn’t want you to see your family. What fuelled them was greed and desire, even if it meant the cost of your family.The cost of broken which they had no time for. The festive season was all about the accumulation of their wealth and keeping the little man where be belonged as he battled to keep the lights on. Would God be pleased with us if he could witness what we have become?


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