Uitenhage market square observations


I sat against the only palm tree in the market square, shielded from the light of the white sun. Beyond me, lie ahead grey skies, looking ready to rain down on anyone not sheltered at any second. The library had it’s own defenses. Tall metal gates in front of transparent glass doors protecting the literature it held inside. Literature that outlived most people. Two little girls came walking up to the square, sharing a peach amongst themselves. It was clear that they were not well off, judging by the state of their clothes. The younger seemed the crybaby out of the two, her wailing filling the congested air whenever the older one ran ahead. It wasn’t too long after that when a dark man dressed in blue overalls sat down on a bench not too far from me.       He opened a lunchbox to reveal his store bought burger, taking a huge first bite.     A homeless kid who walked right by me made his way to Overalls. The kids clothes were torn and his sandals were falling apart, barely holding together. I could tell that he wanted the burger, his eyes grew bigger upon seeing it. Overalls wasn’t budging. He reached into his right pocket, took out some spare silver and handed it to the kid. Behind me, the sky was blue. I was caught in the middle as the clear sky and clouds waged war. A war memorial monument behind me, great and grey, read “In honoured memory of brave and faithful men of the native and coloured races from this town and district who also gave their lives for King and country in the great war.” Underneath these words were the names of soldiers who fought in the wars – WW1 and WW2. The names were vandalised with graffiti by kids who would shit themselves and cry for their mother’s at the sight of death. I looked up again and the cloudy grey sky seemed to be winning.


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