You approached me, a stranger to you on his way to his car with his woman by his side. You began to explain to me how you were stranded without fuel in your car. You appealed to the goodness within me. The side that always seems to take over when hearing of someone in need. Perhaps it was the look of genuine need in your eyes that won me over, but I’m sure you practised that look more than enough times on countless others before me. 

I could tell by the look in my woman’s eyes that she was reluctant for me to help you, but I looked at it as an opportunity to help someone in need, blinded by my faith in humanity. We walked to the ATM and I withdrew a blue Mandela for your car. You began to spew about how grateful you were, but the moment you turned your back, you knew that you had played me a fool. My woman and I ran to the car to watch if you were really going to buy fuel, finally we spotted you and it was clear that you had no intention of buying any. Wherever you are, I hope that you are proud of yourself for suckering another person who was simply trying to help you.


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