A shitty day


I woke up this morning with a pain in my gut and a desperate need to relieve myself. I sat on the white plastic toilet seat and let go. It came flooding out all at once. It probably had something to do with the mutton curry roti I ate at Abby’s house last night. 
I wanted to go for a drive, the car began to give trouble and never left the garage. It would start, but died as soon as I stepped on the brakes or took my foot off the accelerator. Damn death machine wanting to drive me to my doom
About the third or fourth visit to the toilet, my asshole burned like hellfire. Wiping began to hurt and I could see red on the toilet paper – You sensitive asshole
My woman and I never spoke much, work kept her busy, that was a good enough reason for us not to talk. We’d been going at it ever since Saturday afternoon. Our differences in ideologies about the purpose of life being the cause. No tickets aboard Cloud 9 this week, we’d try again next week if they had bookings.